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Best location to do shots of models, is the open sea, without any unscale items in the background. In my case the next coast is at the German Baltic. My favourite place for vacation there is the peninsula Darss.

Because the is no access to the beach by car, I have to put the ship on my bikes trailer and carry it 5 km through the forrest.

Best conditions to do photos are normally in the early morning, if no wind is producing unscale waves. Was a bit foggy this day.
Friendly assistance.
Here some shots with a small digital camera, which provides nice features to photograph a model ...

Another ship of mine, but not RC, only free sailing.

Check also my other models page, about the German WWII type VIIC submarine U-242

Currently I reactivated my oldest hobby - model railroading. Thats why so far no new project with ships ....   :-(

Link to my german page about my N-scale model railway.

(but so far more or less just pictures)

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Lorenz Kästner

last update: 2006/07/15